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Coaching and Leadership book - Click to Buy Now on Amazon

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Welcome to the world of challenging coaching – for executive coaching, conference keynotes and coach development. Challenging coaching is the joint work of John Blakey and Ian Day; we believe that executive coaching is a crucial tool for transforming leadership capability. We challenge leaders and coaches to be courageous and be more than they currently are. Our board level clients told us they loved our challenging coaching style – an approach inspired by our extensive work with business leaders and Olympic medallists.

Our Coaching Book

In 2012, we published ‘Challenging Coaching’ which was hailed as a ‘game-changing’ book in the coaching world. This book details our FACTS coaching model which is a real-world, timely and pragmatic coaching approach focussing on Feedback, Accountability, Courageous Goals, Tension, and Systems Thinking.

Our Executive Coaching

We work as executive coaches for international leaders in blue chip companies to help them achieve peak performance. The combination of our own track record as FTSE100 business leaders and our leading edge coaching research gives us impact at board level.

Our Keynotes, Master Classes and Network

We share our work through master classes and conference presentations – helping others develop their challenging coaching skills whilst building an international network of like-minded coaches through our LinkedIn group.

We hope that through browsing the resources on this web site you will share our passion for achieving courageous goals. Keep up the challenge!

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