Resilience: The power of stories that heal

It is not often that you get two light bulb moments in one presentation, but Dr. Carole Pemberton’s keynote at the Coaching at Work conference delivered in style. With the authority of someone who has immersed themselves in a subject for years, Carole calmly escorted us through her key findings, which have now been captured in the book ‘Resilience: A practical guide for coaches’. Continue reading →

Real and safe leaders, and the two faces of pressure.

In his book “Thriving on Pressure: Mental Toughness for Real Leaders” Professor Graham Jones makes the distinction between real and safe leaders. He describes the two faces of pressure and the three things that leaders do; providing vision, challenge and support.

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Turn the Ship Around – David Marquet : From Commander to Coach

‘Bosses get people to do, leaders get people to think’ – this was the central theme from David Marquet’s presentation to the Vistage CEO community at a recent event in London. The session was based on Marquet’s best-selling book ‘Turn the Ship Around’ which tells the story of how he transformed the USS Santa Fe submarine from the worst performer in the fleet to top performer within two years. Because of Marquet’s credibility as an ex-US naval captain, it is a story that gets you to sit up and listen. In one of the most top-down ‘command and control’ institutions on the planet, how did Captain Marquet shift from commander to coach? Continue reading →

Banks, Accountability and Courage

In his Mansion House speech on 10 June 2015 Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England said about the banking sector that, “Personal accountability was lacking, with a culture of impunity developing.” Is this lack of accountability isolated to the banking sector only, and what is our individual responsibility?

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Has anyone seen my sense of perspective?

It’s good to laugh at yourself occasionally and right now I’m finding myself hilarious. What makes me so funny is that I have lost my sense of perspective. It’s like being in the hall of mirrors at the local fairground; nothing looks its proper size and place. Maybe you’ve had the same experience? Continue reading →

The Power of Ambiguity

How do we deal with ambiguity? What do you do when there is no structure? This was the challenge faced by participants of a personal development programme I recently co-facilitated. This week long event was an open space programme with no agenda or structure, creating a huge sense of ambiguity and uncertainty. However, this also created a enormous learning opportunity to explore individual resources, creativity and the ability to bring meaning when faced with uncertainty.

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