Daring Greatly: How to commit and re-commit to your courageous goals

What does it feel like to gain your dream job then lose it again all in the space of 12 months? A client of mine has recently gone through this experience and I have gone through it with them. It has been a journey of highs and lows; a rollercoaster that lurched this way and that and then shuddered to a halt. Now we can step off the ride and try to make sense of it all.  Continue reading →

Hungarian SPARKLE

Coaches are like diamond polishers. Coachees are like a diamond in the rough that is polished so they reach their goals and sparkle. These are the thoughts from Laura Komocsin, Hungary’s best-known coach in her book “Toolful Coaching” that details the SPARKLE model.

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Thinking Fast & Slow: How to make smarter decisions

Daniel Kahneman’s book ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ has prompted many people to stop and think. In particular, it has prompted them to stop and think more slowly using what Kahneman terms System 2 thinking (reasons and logic) rather than System 1 thinking (intuition). Now some of you might say this is common sense, but I would caution you not to jump to conclusions (system 1 thinking). Kahneman is a smart guy. You don’t get to win a Nobel Prize by stating the obvious; or at least not unless you back it up with lots of research and evidence (system 2 thinking). Continue reading →

Nancy Kline – Time to Think: The Challenge of Autonomy in Coaching

We are delighted this week to feature guest blogger, Mac Farquhar. If you would like to blog on a theme related to Challenging Coaching then please get in touch. Here is Mac’s valuable insight into Nancy Kline’s coaching classic ‘Time to Think':-

Having just read Nancy Kline’s “Time to Think – Listening to Excite the Human Mind” and “More Time to Think – The Power of Independent Thinking”, I am a reconstructed coach! Originally, Myles Downey’s approach was a perfect fit for me then John & Ian’s ‘Challenging Coaching’ added a welcome bite of systems-thinking reality. However, Nancy’s natural and highly disciplined way of coaching adds something extra; I feel it mirrors how the human mind works by putting the emphasis on thinking for ourselves. In particular, Nancy Kline’s proposition is that autonomy is more challenging than autocracy. Continue reading →

Appreciative Inquiry and Challenging Coaching

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) has developed significant interest in the world of organisational change and individual development. The AI approach has interesting overlaps with the FACTS model of Challenging Coaching.

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Joseph Campbell, the Hero of a Thousand Faces and the System.

Joseph Campbell, the American mythologist, writer and lecturer, best known as author of ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’, talked about the power of the system. In a video interview I watched while on vacation in Las Vegas, Joseph Campbell said that we all operate in relation to a system that could either eat us up, or help us become more human.

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