Covey’s Circle of Influence – What is the First Step to World Peace?

‘World peace is none of your business’ – so runs the title of Morrissey’s latest solo album. It’s a title that made me smile and reminded me of Steven Covey’s concept of the circle of concern vs the circle of influence. World peace would be a good example of an issue that, for 99% of the population, is in the circle of concern i.e. an issue that we can choose to worry about yet over which we have little control. In contrast, Morrissey could have written a song called ‘Family peace is all of your business’ since, for 99% of us, family peace is a good example of an issue in Covey’s circle of influence – issues which we can influence if we choose to exert proactive behaviour. →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

“I could never do that”; how to view a threat as a challenge.

How do you turn something that appears as dangerous and threatening into a challenging and exciting experience? I’m sure we all know people who do what we would consider as dangerous and crazy activities. These audacious activities may range from sky diving, or simply agreeing to undertake a work project without the resources or know-how to deliver. These ‘adventurous’ people interest me; they must be a different species, because I could never do that. However, when I have spoken to them, they appear very normal, and surprisingly, pretty similar to me. However they freely do things that I would see as darn right dangerous. So, if they are the same species as me, there must be another explanation.

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‘How much is enough?’ – The Power of Challenging Questions

It had been a bad day at the office. Three appointments in the diary and, for a variety of reasons, all cancelled at short notice. Normally, I would have shrugged this off as a typical aspect of the cut and thrust of business life but this day was different; the experience left me drained and depressed. Later that evening, I reached out to a close friend of mine. In the course of a heart-warming yet challenging conversation my friend brought me to my senses as only the best of friends can do. →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

Awareness was the key to unlock this change. “What enabled the change?” I asked, “Awareness” he said.

I’ve held the belief for a long time that awareness is the key to unlock change. Without awareness there can be no commitment to act and so no change. I saw the power of awareness at a recent coaching session, demonstrating the psychological and physical changes accompanying increased awareness.

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The Coach’s Guide to Sticking with Being Stuck

‘I really don’t know where to go from here’. Those were my honest yet resigned words halfway through a recent coaching session. ‘I’m totally stuck’. ‘That makes two of us’ replied my weary client and we agreed to take a break. Where would the session go from here? What does a coach do when the stuck-ness strikes? →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

Transpersonal Goals and John Whitmore

“Transpersonal coaching means beyond the individual… I’m thinking about humanity rather than individuals,” said John Whitmore in the interview with Carol Kauffman featured in the chapter ‘GROW Grows Up: From Winning the Game to Pursuing Transpersonal Goals’, in the book ‘Beyond Goals’.

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