Team Sky: Leadership lessons from Sir David Brailsford

After fielding the winners in 2012 (Sir Bradley Wiggins) and 2013 (Chris Froome), the 2014 Tour de France was disastrous for Team Sky. Chris Froome crashed out of the race in Stage 5 and the team’s plan B failed to deliver a podium finish in Paris. Yet, last week they bounced back to deliver a second tour victory for Chris Froome. What was the secret of their renewed success? In his interview after the 2015 victory, here are some of the reflections from Team Sky general manager, Sir David Brailsford:- Continue reading →

The Hero’s Journey, the Helper and Coaching

The hero’s journey is a powerful metaphor for personal growth. The hero’s journey has been described as a mono-myth; an ever-present story evident for centuries that transcends cultures and time. A crucial part of the journey is when the ‘hero’ meets a helper or guide, which makes a clear connection to the role of a coach.

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Resilience: 12 tips for bouncing back

It was a sobering message that I gave to my Vistage advisory board members at our monthly meeting; ‘As CEOs and MDs you cannot avoid taking a hit. It is not if but when. You will lose deals. You will lose key people. You will lose sleep. Therefore, the question is not how can you stop yourself falling over because you will fall over. The question is how do you get up again…and again…and again…as quickly as possible?’ Continue reading →

The Rescuer Syndrome and Coaches

Why do you coach? Do you coach because you want to help people? The desire to help others is a great quality, but what if this desire goes too far? What if this desire to help becomes a need? This is when helping becomes a compulsion and turns into rescuing. This is the rescuer syndrome.

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Resilience: The power of stories that heal

It is not often that you get two light bulb moments in one presentation, but Dr. Carole Pemberton’s keynote at the Coaching at Work conference delivered in style. With the authority of someone who has immersed themselves in a subject for years, Carole calmly escorted us through her key findings, which have now been captured in the book ‘Resilience: A practical guide for coaches’. Continue reading →

Real and safe leaders, and the two faces of pressure.

In his book “Thriving on Pressure: Mental Toughness for Real Leaders” Professor Graham Jones makes the distinction between real and safe leaders. He describes the two faces of pressure and the three things that leaders do; providing vision, challenge and support.

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