Inspirational Leadership – what it takes.

What is it that makes an inspirational leader? If we can identify the components of an inspirational leader, can this be developed? Dr John Pates, sports psychologist, has conducted a new study that is about to be published into the traits of inspirational leaders.

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Coach Contracting: Do you suffer from coach-guilt?

This week I was introduced to a new phrase by a client of mine: coach-guilt. My client operates as an internal coach in a large organisation. She raised three coaching dilemmas wth me and concluded, ‘you know I think I am suffering from coach-guilt’. We laughed at the turn of phrase. However, there is a serious side to this quip that merits further exploration because it threatens the very credibility of the coaching profession. Continue reading →

Maslow’s 6th Level

Is there anything beyond self-actualisation? According to Maslow’s 1943 hierarchy of needs, self-actualisation was the pinnacle of his 5 level model of motivation. However, late in his life, Maslow described intrinsic values as a sixth level. Hazel Skelsey Guest wrote in the British Psychology Society Journal ‘The Psychologist’ December 2014 about Maslow’s lesser-known sixth level. What does this mean for personal development and coaching people to achieve their full potential?

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Bateson’s Logical Levels: A powerful challenging coaching tool

Oslo is a beautiful city and it was with some sadness that I walked through its streets this week. For eight years I have been working with leaders in Telenor, one of Norway’s largest organisations, and this week that assignment finally came to an end. I have the utmost respect for Telenor and its executives and have learnt a great deal from working with them as a coach; it has been a fantastic opportunity to practise challenging coaching skills. This week’s coaching proved no exception and, on this visit, it was Bateson’s logical levels of learning that popped into focus. Continue reading →

Is coaching the new rock n roll?

Rock music has always been about breaking the rules and pushing the boundaries. Rock music is about passion and singing from the heart. Maybe coaches have something to learn from rock music.

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What is your courageous goal boot camp?

What is the role of performance measures in achieving a courageous goal? This was the question asked of me by the HP sales managers at their recent leadership summit in Dallas. For it is one thing to have a dream but how do you build the capability to make that dream happen? In search of an answer I re-visited my experience working with Olympic athletes, such as Team GB rower Alan Campbell. Continue reading →


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