What is your courageous goal boot camp?

What is the role of performance measures in achieving a courageous goal? This was the question asked of me by the HP sales managers at their recent leadership summit in Dallas. For it is one thing to have a dream but how do you build the capability to make that dream happen? In search of an answer I re-visited my experience working with Olympic athletes, such as Team GB rower Alan Campbell. Continue reading →

“Being in my head is a scary place” the power of reflection

“Being in my head is a scary place” said a participant at a developmental programme. During workshops consciously using open space to encourage reflection, I observed the palpable power. This impact of this has encouraged me to think about my own response to reflection.

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I’m a coach…. Get me out of here! The tension of entering the ZOUD

I was once climbing the Eiffell Tower and this guy near to me froze three-quarters of the way up. He stood like a human statue poised to make his next step. But he couldn’t make that next step because he’d just found out that he was scared of heights. Everyone was looking at him silently urging him on but he was paralysed by fear. Continue reading →

Negative effects of coaching on coaches

In the International Coaching Psychology Review journal September 2014, I read an interesting study by Carston C. Schermuly into the negative effects of coaching on coaches. Do you connect with these?

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Achieving Courageous Goals: How dare you be who you are?

How do you know when you have achieved a courageous goal? You get very scared indeed. For it is sometimes not the struggle to achieve a goal that requires courage but the coming to terms with its realisation. As Marianne Williamson wisely observed the achievement of courageous goals messes with your sense of identity. ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?’ she famously proclaimed in her book ‘A Return to Love’. The achievement of courageous goals requires you to redefine who you are and this can trigger a deep-seated panic, it can trigger our deepest fear. Continue reading →

Coaching a Perfectionist

I love working with people who set the bar high, constantly driving for excellence. In the last few weeks I have coached three people who described themselves as perfectionists, all sharing an uncompromising drive for excellence. I feel a great buzz of excitement when working with people with a powerful vision of perfection. But this vision comes with a cost. The monumental task of achieving perfection weighs so heavily that the risk of not achieving perfection can lead to stress and inaction. When working with a perfectionist, what can a coach do?

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