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What is the future of coaching?

Coaching has grown significantly in popularity and in professionalism over the past 30 to 40 years, but has this development plateaued? The hot topics of the last few years have been supervision, neuroscience, team coaching and mindfulness, but are these just small incremental changes that have broadened coaching rather than moving it on?

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Brexit and VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity

On 2nd July, Huffington Post published the headline, “EU Referendum: A Guide To The Most F*cked Up Week In UK Political History”, well I might not agree with the wording, but the sentiment is pretty true. I don’t intend to go into blame and accusations as have been seen in many articles this week,

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Leadership Lessons from Football

In the 2015-16 English football season, there has been a real shake up as the Premiership was won by Leicester City Football Club, who at the beginning of the season were placed as 5000 to 1 outsiders. So what has created such a turn around, and what relevance does this have for non-football fans?

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Ann Frank, and the nature of humans

“What is done cannot be undone, but one can prevent it happening again.” These are the words of Anne Frank written in her wartime diary. What does this diary of a teen-age girl tell us about human nature? I enjoyed 4-days in the beautiful city of Amsterdam during a recent family holiday.

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Visualization – the power of imagery

Think of a time when you have felt at your most confident and most relaxed, close your eyes and imagine you are there. Visualization is an incredibly powerful tool and I would like to share a ‘career changing’ example from a recent coaching session. Visualization is about mental rehearsal or creating a mental picture.

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Disruption – destructive and creative

Is disruption good or bad? Have you noticed that there is much written about disruptive leadership, disruptive thinking and disruptive coaching? All of these suggest that disruption is the new desired positive way of being. But as a child, I remember a maths teacher sending me to the head teacher’s office for being disruptive in class.

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