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The Support / Challenge Matrix: Coaching Moments of Choice

It was an uncomfortable moment. I was conducting a coaching demonstration as part of a challenging coaching workshop. Around five minutes into the coaching, my volunteer from the audience told me the topic they had chosen was not a real issue; it was something they had made up. I paused and realised that,

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Celebrating 20 Years of the Global Coaching Tribe

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is celebrating its 20 year anniversary. Happy birthday, ICF! From a standing start in 1995, this leading professional body has grown to be 25,000 members across 121 countries; impressive growth by anyone’s standards. As part of the 20-year celebrations, the EMEA region has organised a series of over thirty autumn events across Europe,

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Leadership Lessons from Volkswagen: The Journey from Warrior to King

Inspired by its use in my Vistage CEO advisory board, I have recently been working with the four leadership archetypes detailed in Robert Moore and Doug Gillette’s book, ‘King, Warrior, Magician, Lover’. In particular, as a group, we have been reflecting upon the transition from the warrior to the King archetype.

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The Original Masterpiece: How to restore the hidden potential in others

It is my belief that we are all paintings by a grand master. Some of us are Picassos. Some of us are Monets. Some of us are Turners. There are different styles and genres, but in each of us we can see the brush strokes of a genius… if we are of a mind to look.

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5 Facts All Leaders Need to Know About Trust

Earlier this year, Jack Welch, ex-CEO of General Motors, was asked in an interview ‘What is leadership all about?’ He replied, ‘Leadership is about two words; truth and trust’. But what is trust? How does trust work? Why bother building trust? These questions were the focus of my recent workshop at the 10 year anniversary conference of ‘Coaching at Work’.

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Team Sky: Leadership lessons from Sir David Brailsford

After fielding the winners in 2012 (Sir Bradley Wiggins) and 2013 (Chris Froome), the 2014 Tour de France was disastrous for Team Sky. Chris Froome crashed out of the race in Stage 5 and the team’s plan B failed to deliver a podium finish in Paris. Yet, last week they bounced back to deliver a second tour victory for Chris Froome.

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