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Resilience: 12 tips for bouncing back

It was a sobering message that I gave to my Vistage advisory board members at our monthly meeting; ‘As CEOs and MDs you cannot avoid taking a hit. It is not if but when. You will lose deals. You will lose key people. You will lose sleep. Therefore, the question is not how can you stop yourself falling over because you will fall over.

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Resilience: The power of stories that heal

It is not often that you get two light bulb moments in one presentation, but Dr. Carole Pemberton’s keynote at the Coaching at Work conference delivered in style. With the authority of someone who has immersed themselves in a subject for years, Carole calmly escorted us through her key findings,

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Turn the Ship Around – David Marquet : From Commander to Coach

‘Bosses get people to do, leaders get people to think’ – this was the central theme from David Marquet’s presentation to the Vistage CEO community at a recent event in London. The session was based on Marquet’s best-selling book ‘Turn the Ship Around’ which tells the story of how he transformed the USS Santa Fe submarine from the worst performer in the fleet to top performer within two years.

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Has anyone seen my sense of perspective?

It’s good to laugh at yourself occasionally and right now I’m finding myself hilarious. What makes me so funny is that I have lost my sense of perspective. It’s like being in the hall of mirrors at the local fairground; nothing looks its proper size and place. Maybe you’ve had the same experience?

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Daring Greatly: How to commit and re-commit to your courageous goals

What does it feel like to gain your dream job then lose it again all in the space of 12 months? A client of mine has recently gone through this experience and I have gone through it with them. It has been a journey of highs and lows; a rollercoaster that lurched this way and that and then shuddered to a halt.

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Thinking Fast & Slow: How to make smarter decisions

Daniel Kahneman’s book ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ has prompted many people to stop and think. In particular, it has prompted them to stop and think more slowly using what Kahneman terms System 2 thinking (reasons and logic) rather than System 1 thinking (intuition). Now some of you might say this is common sense,

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