The Metaverse and coaching  

Facebook has recently renamed as Meta, as the internet moves towards the ‘Metaverse’. But what is the Metaverse and what are implications for coaching?

There’s been a lot in the median about the metaverse since Facebook rebranded in October 2021, with tech blogs, podcasts and TV programmes getting very excited about this next evolution of the internet.

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Divergent Thinking and Coaching

Something New to Consider… Divergent and Convergent Thinking

Let’s think about the purpose of coaching more broadly and more holistically, by exploring the field of creative problem-solving. A coaching client does not always have a ‘problem’ to solve, the ‘problem’ may be that they don’t know what to do in a specific situation.

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Challenging Coaching Podcast April 2021, an overview of the philosophy and model of FACTS and Challenging Coaching

Check out my interview about Challenging Coaching with James Finn, in his ‘What-I’ Podcast. Thanks James for the interview. If you want a quick overview of the philosophy and model of FACTS and Challenging Coaching, please click here to listen to the podcast on Buzzsprout.


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Coaches, are you getting the hard sell offering the miracle solution in these hard times?

Coaches, are you getting the hard sell, offering the miracle solution in these hard times? I decided to follow up on one of theses and see what would happen and what they were offering.  I’ve noticed more and more social media posts offering top secrets for generating business,

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Hope for the other side

Beautiful blue sky, blossom on the trees, roads quiet. Pandemic, lockdown, 759 deaths yesterday in the UK. Stark reality. Out of this tragedy, good things can come, there is hope for the other side of lockdown. The pandemic has caused tragic deaths and terrible suffering, but out of this enforced lockdown change has come.

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Coaching is even more important in a time of crisis

I’m feeling lost, scared, uncertain. I can’t visit my elderly relatives and I’m worried about them. I’ve had to close my business and I don’t know what the future will be? Will I have a job? These are some of the comments that I’ve heard recently. In a matter of a few weeks everything that is familiar has changed.

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