Who sees the change after leadership coaching – not me!

In an interesting article in the September 2015 edition of the International Coaching Psychology Review, Doug MacKie describes the perceived impact of coaching assessed using 360-degree feedback before and after coaching. The results found a significant difference in perceived transformational leadership behaviour after coaching, however, this was assessed differently based on the level of rater within the organisation.

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Leadership Lessons from Volkswagen: The Journey from Warrior to King

Inspired by its use in my Vistage CEO advisory board, I have recently been working with the four leadership archetypes detailed in Robert Moore and Doug Gillette’s book, ‘King, Warrior, Magician, Lover’. In particular, as a group, we have been reflecting upon the transition from the warrior to the King archetype.

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Like a compass or an arrow? Part 2 – directive versus non-directive coaching

I would like to thank Angela Dunbar for the insightful blog last week on non-directive coaching, introducing the notion of the ‘arrow or compass’. In this week’s blog I respond and build on Angela’s ideas and the value of the arrow.

Like a compass or an arrow? Directive versus non-directive coaching (part1) – Angela Dunbar guest blog.

It is a pleasure to feature a guest blog from Angela Dunbar. In July, I attended Angela’s session “Directive, non-directive and clean coaching; whose direction is it anyway?” at the Coaching at Work conference in London. I was intrigued by the session title and wondered how similar or different our approaches are.

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The Inner Game of … Connect 4

Every day events can provide interesting learning opportunities, relevant to coaching and personal development. One example is from Monday, when playing Connect 4 with my family. But what is the connection to coaching?

The Original Masterpiece: How to restore the hidden potential in others

It is my belief that we are all paintings by a grand master. Some of us are Picassos. Some of us are Monets. Some of us are Turners. There are different styles and genres, but in each of us we can see the brush strokes of a genius… if we are of a mind to look.

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