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The Support / Challenge Matrix: Coaching Moments of Choice

It was an uncomfortable moment. I was conducting a coaching demonstration as part of a challenging coaching workshop. Around five minutes into the coaching, my volunteer from the audience told me the topic they had chosen was not a real issue; it was something they had made up. I paused and realised that,

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The Original Masterpiece: How to restore the hidden potential in others

It is my belief that we are all paintings by a grand master. Some of us are Picassos. Some of us are Monets. Some of us are Turners. There are different styles and genres, but in each of us we can see the brush strokes of a genius… if we are of a mind to look.

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Resilience: 12 tips for bouncing back

It was a sobering message that I gave to my Vistage advisory board members at our monthly meeting; ‘As CEOs and MDs you cannot avoid taking a hit. It is not if but when. You will lose deals. You will lose key people. You will lose sleep. Therefore, the question is not how can you stop yourself falling over because you will fall over.

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Turn the Ship Around – David Marquet : From Commander to Coach

‘Bosses get people to do, leaders get people to think’ – this was the central theme from David Marquet’s presentation to the Vistage CEO community at a recent event in London. The session was based on Marquet’s best-selling book ‘Turn the Ship Around’ which tells the story of how he transformed the USS Santa Fe submarine from the worst performer in the fleet to top performer within two years.

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The Yerkes-Dodson Curve: Performance under pressure

What does it take to perform under pressure? This week I witnessed a great example of this skill whilst attending an Olympic trials event in the UK. My client is the Team GB performance director for the sport who is focussed on delivering Olympic medal success at Rio 2016. I sat down to watch the finals event fully expecting that the Team GB athlete,

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The Joy of Peer Group Coaching

Recently, I spoke to a group of academy school CEOs on the topic of peer group coaching. As I was preparing for the session, I decided I was going to go for it. I don’t mean just turn up and speak, I mean really go for it! I decided that I was going to get right out of my comfort zone,

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