Recommended links for improving challenging coaching skills


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Thomas J. Leonard : From Wimpy to Edgy
Thomas Leonard was a coaching pioneer who co-founded the International Coach Federation in 1994 aswell as spawning many other coaching initiatives. This article captures the essence of the coaching skills that Thomas referred to as ‘The Edge’. A quality that is at the core of the challenging coaching skill-set. Thomas Leonard Article – From Wimpy to Edgy.
Heron’s six categories questionnaire (blog post)
Use the questionnaire below based on John Heron’s six categories of intervention to self-assess the current degree of challenge in your own coaching style. Heron’s confronting style (key : ‘CO’) maps well onto the skills required in the FACTS coaching model.
To understand the six styles in more detail please refer to our blog post on this topic, where you can also…
Download the Heron Six Styles of Intervention Self-Assessment Questionnaire [PDF].