Leadership Lessons from Football

In the 2015-16 English football season, there has been a real shake up as the Premiership was won by Leicester City Football Club, who at the beginning of the season were placed as 5000 to 1 outsiders. So what has created such a turn around, and what relevance does this have for non-football fans?

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Three simple and essential questions about how to win trust

  1. What is trust?

Our academic colleagues have been debating the definition of trust for over thirty years and they still haven’t reached a final agreement. However, all definitions of trust agree that it involves these three components:-

  • Risk – to trust someone involves making ourselves vulnerable
  • Hope – when you take the risk of trusting someone you hope they won’t let you down
  • Reasons and Feelings – I make a decision to trust you partly based on the evidence and partly on my feelings

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Ann Frank, and the nature of humans

“What is done cannot be undone, but one can prevent it happening again.” These are the words of Anne Frank written in her wartime diary. What does this diary of a teen-age girl tell us about human nature? I enjoyed 4-days in the beautiful city of Amsterdam during a recent family holiday.

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Four Leadership Lessons on Trust from the Panama Papers Leak

‘After all this country has been through, how can he possibly pretend to lead Iceland’s resurrection from the financial crisis? He should go’. Such were the words of one of the 10,000 or so protestors who gathered outside the parliament building in Reykjavik this week to demand the resignation of Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson,

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Visualization – the power of imagery

Think of a time when you have felt at your most confident and most relaxed, close your eyes and imagine you are there. Visualization is an incredibly powerful tool and I would like to share a ‘career changing’ example from a recent coaching session. Visualization is about mental rehearsal or creating a mental picture.

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Eight reasons why trust is not as simple as delivering on your promises

There’s a lot more to trust than delivering on your promises. This much became clear when this week I shared a quote from one of my CEO interviews on social media. The quote was ‘Trustworthiness is about doing what you say you are going to do’. Quickly, readers jumped in and said ‘Yes,

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