Have Coaches Forgotten About Congruence?

Congruence is about being genuine, acting without front or facade. You are congruent when you are aware of your own feelings and ensure that words and actions are matched to these internal feelings. But has the origins of congruence and the importance in coaching been lost?

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Dialogue and the art of listening

We don’t listen enough. We are quick to dismiss others. Following on from my blog, “the age of intolerance” , I wanted to further explore how we can bridge the gap, the gap of ‘difference’ and ‘intolerance’. To do this, I would like to talk about the work of William Isaacs,

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Asking permission – is not so simple, consider the power dynamics.

Asking for permission to provide feedback or offer a suggestion when coaching is not as simple as just asking the question; coaches need to also consider the power status.

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VUCA and Leadership

Many people say we are now live in a ‘VUCA world’, meaning that the economy, politics, markets, industries, are more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous than ever before. But what does this mean, and what are the implications for leadership? There have been massive shifts in technology led change in recent years,

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Extinction Rebellion and Coaching – bias and extremism. Is it OK to be biased if it saves the planet?

At a recent coaching conference, the keynote speaker gave an address about the climate crisis and stated that she was an Extinction Rebellion activist. In the latest edition of Coaching Perspectives, the Association for Coaching’s global magazine, there was an article “Climate Crisis: how can the coaching profession respond.” But can we coach if we have an agenda and hold passionate views that could influence the coachee?

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The Age of Intolerance.

The world is becoming more and more intolerant. Differences are becoming more obvious, distinct and profound. Extreme left or right wing politics, Brexit remain or leave, impeachment in the USA, the rise of antisemitism in Germany, environmentalist or capitalist, and extremist terrorism. We have entered an age of intolerance. How do we reconcile and unify,

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